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We do Commercial


Our proffesionals specialize in commercial upholstery wether it is upholstery for farming equipment, restaurant's even casinos. Here at Perfect Design Upholstery we fufill all your commercial necessities.

Patio Cover

It can be used for your home patio as well as a commercial winery, Its purpose traps heat in for WINTER. Its Benefits


- Sumbrella Material, Water Resistance

- Contains High Rate Plastic

- Heavy Duty

- Its Removable

- Sun Resistant

- High Strength

Office Chairs

We are here to help you give your customers the comfort they deserve. By allowing us to make your place of work look and feel as professional as your office space deserves.    

Tractor Seat

We can help repair any seat for Forklifts, Tractors, and/or any Heavy equipment machinery that requires seat repairment. We know in order to get things done you have to work comfortable and we can help.